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Super Bowl 50: Celebrity Endorsement Overload

Super Bowl 50: Celebrity Endorsement Overload

I just read that sports betting sites actually had an over/under on the run time of the national anthem. And there was controversy because Lady Gaga, in her Hunger Games’ costume, ended the song twice—once under and once over.

What people should have been betting on was the amount of celebrity endorsements in Super Bowl commercials.

Did ad land get lazy this year? Was Super Bowl 50 not enough of a draw for them to warrant some kick ass advertising? In my opinion, these commercials lacked the creative love of previous year’s. Where was the surprise? Where was the delight? Where was the tear jerking, heart string pulling ad that everyone would have been talking about tomorrow? With a chuckle here and an unimpressive celebrity endorsement there, Super Bowl 50 will go down as the worst year of creative commercials.

Let’s take a moment to run down the list of unimpressive celebrity endorsements this Super Bowl. Thanks to AdWeek for putting together the whole list of commercials by quarter.

Skittles: Stephen Tyler

Bud Light: Amy Schumer, Seth Rogan

Shock Top: T.J. Miller

Taco Bell: George Takai, Neymar Jr., James Harden

Squarespace: Key and Peele

Mobile Strike: Arnold Schwarzenegger

Apartments.com: Steve Goldblum, Lil Wayne

Avocados: Scott Baio… really???

Snickers: William Dafoe, Eugene Levy, Marilyn Monroe

Pepsi: Janelle Monáe

Coke: Ant Man, Hulk (yes, that counts, I guess)

T-Mobile: Steve Harvey (way to embrace it Steve)

Hyndai: Ryan Renolds (a shit ton of Ryan Renolds)

Buick: Odel Beckham Jr., Emily Ratajkowski

Wix: Kung Fu Panda (animated cartoon are real people too…)

LG: Liam Neeson

Mini: Serena Williams, Tony Hawk, Randy Johnson, T-Pain, Abby Wambach, Harvey Keitel (the award for most celebrities in a commercial goes to Mini…)

Turbo Tax: Anthony Hopkins

Amazon: Jason Schwartzman, Dan Marino, Alec Baldwin, Missy Elliot (way to plug your crap new song Missy…)

Budweiser: Hellen Mirren

T-Mobile: Drake (how much more money is Drake going to make from Hot Line Bling?)

Kia: Christopher Walken

Oh, and let’s not forget Peyton Manning’s game winning interview shout out to Budwieser…What happened to shouting out going to Disney Land?

I count 40 celebs, give or take a Ryan Renolds or two… I don’t remember advertising leaning so hard on celebrity. Feels like they just gave up on originality this year.

Huffpost put out a good list of the best Super Bowl commercials.

Check it out here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/01/30/50-best-super-bowl-commercials_n_6557668.html#gallery/398548/0

Here are some of my favorites.

The Force: Volkswagon


Old Spice:The Man Your Man Could Smell Like


Budweiser Wassup


Doritos: Goat 4 Sale


Chrysler: Imported From Detroit


Budweiser: Clydesdales Brotherhood


Hyundai Santa Fe Team


Taco Bell: Viva Young


Ram Trucks: Farmer


Budweiser: Clydesdales 9/11 Tribute


What do you think? Did ad land deliver anything good this year? What was your favorite Super Bowl commercial this year? What was your favorite Super Bowl commercial of all time?



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