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I got the Apple Watch… now what?

I got the Apple Watch… now what?

Yup, I got the Apple Watch… before you go into the same question that everyone’s been asking me, here’s why;

  1. I’m a fanboy. I won’t lie about it, I’ve gotten excited every time Steve Jobs or Tim Cook said “One more thing…”
  2. I wanted to complete my Apple ecosystem. See #1. I have MacBooks, iPhones and soon I’ll also pick up the new Apple TV (projected to be announced at June’s WWDC)
  3. I’m a #wearabletech junkie. I know I’m hashtagging in my post, but it’s now become a habit. I have owned FitBits, Jawbones, Google Glass, both the Basis B1 and Peak. This seemed to be the next logical step.

Here are my thoughts so far, the good, the bad and the ugly all mashed up:

  1. The UI is beautiful, and smooth. Every swipe, tap, font size is perfect. But you expect that from Apple and Jony Ives by now.
  2. The battery life sucks. It really does. I won’t sugar coat this like I’ve seen on other blogs. My battery has gone dead, or close to, after 12-16 hours of light use. Think about it, you will always need to carry that charger…always…
  3. I’ve used Siri more in the past week than I have since owning iPhones. Weird, maybe because she’s on my wrist. It’s quicker to connect. She can’t do everything, but so I’ve found her useful. For a complete list, see here.
  4. The force touch control is pretty cool, only really have used it to change my watch face, but from what I read, most native apps support it with third party apps catching up.
  5. The taptic engine is great… sometimes. If I’m in a crowded room, I get a little tap to let me know if I get a text or call, great. Sometimes, if I’m trying to get to sleep and I’ll get a tap to stand up, not so great!
  6. The similarities to iOS are helpful. Swiping up and down for the glances and notifications feel familiar. Though, I miss the multi-gesture control of pinching to zoom in and out.
  7. I got the 42mm model and it fits well on my wrist, though, I wish the screen were a little larger.
  8. The sport band is really comfortable. I hate wearing watches and other jewelry, but this band is soft and flexible.
  9. There are over 3500 apps in the store, but 98% have been created just to be there. So basically, you’re swimming in an ocean of garbage until developers figure it out. Check out my friend’s app, Design Hunt. It’s pretty cool.
  10. What can Apple Watch do without your iPhone… not much…
  11. If you have a tattoo on your wrist, you’re screwed if you want the heart rate function

Should you rush out to get an Apple Watch?


You read right. That is coming from a so-called fanboy.

Don’t get me wrong, I like it, but the price tag doesn’t justify the function—or, lack there of. As more apps are created and more functions are unlocked, like the blood oxygen measurement capability, only then can we accept this a valuable digital health wearable/smartwatch. I see that happening.

I’m am positive, at some point in the near future, we will all be forced to purchase an Apple Watch or some other piece of wearable tech to access basic functions in our everyday lives. This watch, just like anything else, will be pretty amazing in version 2.0.

And I can’t wait for that.


Get an Apple Watch? What are your thoughts?

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